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To install a plug-in, first open Halfwit’s Options page by clicking on the Tools button.


Next, expand the “Plug-Ins” section and click the “Open Plug-Ins Folder”.


This will open the plug-ins folder in Windows Explorer. Simply drag the plug-in (which will typically consist of one or more DLL files) into this folder and restart Halfwit.

Safe Mode

If a plug-in causes Halfwit to crash on start-up, it can be difficult to open the plug-ins folder to remove it. To get around this, you can start Halfwit in “Safe Mode”, which is a special mode in which no plug-ins are loaded. To enable safe mode, just hold the left Shift key down while Halfwit starts. It’s easy to tell when you’re in Safe Mode, because Halfwit’s colour scheme changes from blue to red:


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